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Along Interstate-75 - current edition
Along Florida's Expressways - current edition
"Along I-75" helps many people on their drive
      Here's how . . .

Retired Seniors on the way south for the winter, young families heading to Disney World, RVers, people traveling with pets . . . there are many types of vacationers and travelers on I-75, each with their own specific needs on the typical three day and two night journey.

But there is one "need" we all desire to make us feel comfortable as we travel far from home . . . human contact.

Don't leave your copy of "Along I-75" or "Along Florida's Expressways" in your car.

Take it in with you when you stop at a rest area or welcome center, or when you are patronizing a restaurant or lodging I recommend. After 50 years of driving to and from Florida and twenty years of writing about it, we know just about everybody who is in the tourism service business along the way and they are all friends ... and they all treat our readers as friends as well.

Readers have written and told us that they sometimes get upgrades without asking or other special small services, just because they were identified as "traveling with Dave." Couples start chatting with other couples in restaurants, and often become friends ... just because they see they are traveling with "Along I-75" or "Along Florida's Expressways."

So carry your book to make sure those around you know your are traveling as one of my reader friends.

Here are some other ways my books help specific groups of travelers.

Click on one of the following, or scroll down the screen:

  • Safety conscious travelers
  • Seniors & travelers with medical problems
  • "Drive through the night" travelers
  • Travelers with pets
  • Bored, "done it for 15 years" travelers
  • RVers, travelers with motor homes or trailers
  • Travelers with young children
  • Travelers with older children
  • Travelers on a budget
  • Golfers
  • "Born to Shop" Travelers
  • "Fine Living" travelers
  • Those who love history





    Safety for all

    • Every drugstore, hospital and police facility is noted in the book - we hope you don't need them though!
    • A special Tornado section (inc. County names will keep you safe and help you avoid severe weather.
    • Driving an older car? We list all service stations with licensed mechanics - in case of a break down.
    • Problems ahead? We show all the routes which parallel I-75, how to reach them and how to return to the interstate.














    Seniors, & Travelers with medical conditions

    • The book is designed to relieve travel stress with helpful hints and tips, and easy to use maps. Your drive to Florida will be one of the smoothest and most interesting you have ever experienced. You will arrive stress free. We even show the parallel routes to the interstate so you can get off for a slower drive, if you wish.
    • Every drugstore and hospital area is shown on our maps. If you have a medical emergency, you'll know how close you are to help.














    "Drive through the night" travelers

    • From 24 hour service stations (remember, these have clean restrooms . . . and rest areas often close their facilities after dark) to all-night truck stops and powerful night radio - we have many features to help those who drive to Florida in one go!














    Travelers with pets.

    • All motels that accept pets are highlighted on our maps.
    • Our maps show those exits with animal hospital or veterinarian services.
    • See also the special book section, "Traveling with Pets."














    Bored, "Done it for 15 Years" traveler

    • We guarantee that "Along Interstate-75" will not only make the journey seem shorter with its 25 mile-per-page "pacing" . . . but that you will discover interesting roadside things you have been passing for years, and never saw!
    • We have many letters on file from readers who have driven I-75 frequently. Most received the book as a gift (they often mention they probably would not have bought it themselves) and have been very pleasantly surprised. Several have mentioned that they will not drive the interstate again, without it in the car.














    RVers, travelers with mobile homes

    • RVers need gas facilities and restaurants with wide swing turn areas and large vehicle parking - they are all highlighted on our maps.
    • Need a campground? The book includes all facilities close to I-75. Hours of operation, prices, and detail directions from the interstate are shown for each.
    • You won't get blocked in by trucks with our map "lane merge" warnings.














    Travelers with young children

    • Need a fast food outlet equipped with a childrens' play area? They are all highlighted on our maps - we even show whether they are indoor or out!
    • You never know when you need Band-Aids or an aspirin - all drugstores are shown.
    • Need to "go?" - all rest areas are shown, with hours of operation.














    Travelers with older children

    • All rest areas shown, with hours of operation.
    • Mile-by-mile we provide the fascinating story of the I-75 roadside. From dinosaurs to ancient rivers, forts, battlesites to how aircraft navigate overhead. The book is jammed with fascinating material which can actually be seen from the car as you travel the route. The kids will be having fun - we won't tell them that they are also learning!














    Travelers on a budget

    • The book is chock full of tips which provide substantial travel funds savings . . . many readers report saving more than the price of the book.
    • Can you afford to NOT buy this book?















    • We list all the I-75 golf courses and show their name, address and location - phone number - total yards - # of tees - course par - fees week/weekend - driving directions and distance from I-75. What more could you want?















    • We have 'em all - from antique malls, craft outlets and flea markets . . . to factory outlets, shopping malls and 24 hour Superstores beside I-75. They are all in the book. We even recommend a motel right beside a large factory outlet mall.














    "Fine Living" travelers

    • Enjoy a glass of wine with your meal? Then you need to know which counties are "wet" or "dry." No nasty surprises here when you sit down for your evening meal - we show this information on our maps.
    • "Millionaire" accommodation at reasonable prices - we list some of those "special" places for those not constrained by a limited travel budget.














    Those who love history

    • I love history so rest assured that every fort, battlefield or historical landmark is mentioned in the book. From prehistoric tropical seas that covered the landscape millions of years ago, to JFK's Air Force One which flew his casket back from Dallas - they are all here.
    • Civil War buff? Not only do we show (and explain) two battlesites through which I-75 runs, but we've plotted the path of the famous Civil War Great Locomotive Chase as it ran back and forth across the path of the interstate, in North Georgia. Old wooden bridges, abandoned railway tunnels, Civil War cemeteries . . . without this book, you'll never know!