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Certificate of Merit, Writer's Digest

Newspaper travel editors are tough to impress - They see hundreds of travel books each year, and write about only a few. But they rave about ours year after year . . . they tell us our books are winners!

Our readers are more than just readers - Many become our friends and write to say how helpful our books are. We encourage feedback - new features in each new annual edition are based on the letters we received each year. We feel our readers are part of our publishing team - after all, it's is THEIR book.

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Travel Books Review, Atlanta
"Occasionally in the life of a travel reviewer you get to see a guide book that makes you want to shout, ALL RIGHT!!! This book should go in the glove compartment right next to the owner's manual."

Motor Trend Magazine
"we wouldn't drive I-75 without a copy in our car."

St. Petersburg Times, St Petersburg, Florida
"The most common-sense travel guide tried this year . . . just right to calm the nervous motorist or co-pilot."

Atlanta Constitution
"Highly recommended"

Milne's Travelwriter Marketletter, New York
"Anyone driving the 1-75 without this guide is missing most the fun and knowledge."

Book Review Magazine, Canada
"Decidedly user-friendly. It's a pleasure to encounter a travel guide so well organized, so complete and so readable."

Detroit Free Press
"So you think you know the I-75 - Hunter's book will be a revelation."

Columbus Dispatch
"It's just like having your own personal travel guide in the car."

Peter Gzowski, 1997 Peabody Award Winner
"This book is pretty classy . . . I'm really impressed."

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Our Readers Realm
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Joseph H (Bucyrus, OH)
"My wife and I can certainly deliver a glowing testimonial for your book. It saved us a lot of money."

Rose P (Reed City, MI)
"Your book saved my marriage. After 3 horrible trips on the 1-75 as reluctant navigator, I can finally tell my husband where to go - without losing us!"

Martha M (Toronto, ON)
"Your Tips saved us enough money on the first two nights to pay for the book."

Susan J (Peterborough, ON)
"Dear Dave, I feel I know you as a personal friend as you "talk" to us through your book as we journey along I-75 to Florida."

Ann S (Grand Rapids, MI)
"Your book is a jewel. No trip along the I-75 lugging two kids has ever seemed so short to us."

Ross G (Sidney, OH)
"I have driven this route for fifteen years. Wow, this book turns a boring drive into a fun trip!"

"Great book!!! Thanks Dave Hunter."

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"Of special value for the business traveler," By Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI)

Now in a completely updated edition , Dave Hunter's Along Interstate-75 continues to be the most user friendly collection available for traveling up and down Interstate 75 from Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky, to Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida.

Of special value for the business traveler, the day-tripper, or the extended vacationer are Hunter's "Insider Tips", features, stories, and wealth of local information.

Along Interstate-75 will save the traveler money, aggravation, and time, all while enhancing the fun and comfort of the their trip. Highly recommended!

"A handy "snowbirders" guide to driving the I-75 to Florida," by A Coustiner

A unique and accurate compilation of Highway services, Local history, Insider tips and "secret" escapes off the interstate make for an enjoyable and learning experience for traveling the I-75 to Florida. In it's latest edition (I myself have all editions), I-75 author Dave Hunter, has incorporated comments and suggestions from readers making it a completely unique drivers guide companion.

This book has really found it's market niche!

"Makes travel from Michigan to Georgia interesting" By Randall L. Golden, Reviewer, Woodstock, GA

Whether you're a regular traveler along Interstate-75 or use it once each year, Along I-75 is a must. We bought our first copy last year and were amazed. Each exit lists the fast-food places, gas, and local attractions. In Resaca, Georgia, we found out we were driving on top of a Civil War battlefield. In Atlanta, the easy-to-follow map made a difficult trip easy. And in Berea, Kentucky my wife found some great buys at a local craft shop.

The maps are laid out on a straight line making it easy to read even if you aren't good at reading maps. I loved the little stories Dave Hunter tells. For example, did you know that Dwight D. Eisenhower was responsible for the Interstate Highway System and conceived the idea in 1919?

The book is updated every two years, so I bought one as soon as the new edition came out. When we were traveling through Georgia (a few years ago) the AAA book did not have the new exit numbers and we found it nearly impossible to cross-reference the old numbers to the new ones. Dave's book was invaluable--he had the new numbers. Well worth the purchase.

Also of interest in the book: local speed traps, elevation, county names, geologic features visible from the road, emergency information (you can find the nearest hospital quickly), much, much more.

"Think you know it all?" By Professional Mom2Three (MI USA)

About I-75? I assure you I've traveled this route many times and the last time I happened upon this book first. How wonderful!

If you are an information junkie like DH and myself you will totally enjoy the heck out of this book. From what the "Florence Y'all" water tower really stood for originally to..."what is that stuff growing all over the place?" in Georgia. (thanks to the book we learned that it was Kudzu) The Radar Alerts were very helpful and sure enough 90% of the time there was a patrol car hidden exactly where the book stated. I also like the hotel recommendations and on the trip home we actually utilized one of those hotels and we were very impressed.

There were two things on our trip that I WOULD NOT be without if we were to drive again......XM Satellite Radio and THIS BOOK.

Two thumbs up!

"Everything you want (and don't want) to know about I-75", by Robert Pavlacic, Reviewer (Hamilton, OH)

I thought Dave Hunter was nuts when he announced all those years ago he was going to do a book about the Eastern United States' busiest north-south artery: Interstate 75. But he was really onto something. This book gets better year after year, and justifiably more popular as well.

Even if you're a paid up member of AAA, like me (or any auto club for that matter), this book will be a great supplement to the strip maps, wall maps and hotel guides you usually take along with you. In almost painstaking detail, milepost by milepost, Hunter tells you everything you wanted to know about I-75 and some things you'll probably wish you didn't (although you'll learn something there too).

He tells you exactly where to find the radar traps, what you'll find at every exit between Detroit and the Georgia/Florida line, and this year's constructions zones. And he offers some sage advice on what to do in case you hear a tornado warning on your car radio (listing all the counties that run along and parallel the I-75 route).

For places to stay along the way, he offers suggestions on his favorites; as well as how to save money at any hotel by playing by the hotel industry's own rules. He posits a great tip on how the carpool lanes really work (a potential timesaver in Atlanta). He even suggests advice on what bypasses to take around major cities, parallel routes in rural areas if you want to get off the beaten path, and why one should never stay overnight in a city unless absolutely necessary.

On a personal note, Hunter is a really classy guy. I've never met him in person, but I would like to now, especially after I noticed what I thought was a glaring ommission in the book: a potential shortcut between two cities along the I-75 route. I e-mailed him, and he promised to investigate it on his next trip. A month later, he wrote back saying that he tried that shortcut himself and while it faster it's not worth it because of all the turns one must make to get to it.

A remarkable achievement for a guy who self-publishes this book. If you follow just one of the money-saving tips he offers, the book will pay for itself and you'll want to keep getting each new edition, year after year.

"It's all you need for your trip," by Ann Baron, Reviewer (Westland, MI)

If I could give this book 10 stars I would. The amount of detail and information it has is just amazing. Dave Hunter and his wife, Kathy, have made the trip to Florida much more fun and interesting. You can plan ahead for side trips, rest areas, even what gas stations and restaurants are miles down the road. I had an earlier version, but it is a good idea to update every other year as things change so often along I75. Get this great little book and you will learn things, even if you have driven this route all your life, as I have. If you are planning a trip down to Florida via I75, this should be your first purchase

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