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Dave has worked on both side of the mic . . . as a producer and operator in the control room, and as an on-the-air host . . . at the Canadian "clear channel" 50,000 watt radio station, CFRB 1010AM. So, Dave knows radio.

He completely understands YOUR needs. He knows that your primary goal is to entertain your listeners and keep them tuned in so they hear your ad messages & spots . . . not to sell his books.

He much prefers entertaining your listeners with his fascinating adventures, facts and stories behind his popular travel books, "Along Interstate-75" and "Along Florida's Expressways". In fact, Dave prefers it if YOU mention his books.

Furthermore, he understand the technical side of your work. He is always on time knowing that broadcasting is scheduled to the second . . . and with his JK Audio radio equipment for "phoners," he ensures that sound levels are constant while guesting with you.

But best of all, Dave is engaging, informative and entertaining. He's a veteran of hundreds of talk radio shows across the nation. In fact, the morning hosts' show-prep website, BitBoard, rated Dave as,

"one of the best interviews in North America."

"On the Road with Dave." Click here to find out about Dave's remote "adventure" spots from Georgia and Florida each winter. They are free and on a freezing, snowy winter's day, sure beat the heck out of your regular show prep service's material.

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Canceled Guest Insurance Have you ever had a scheduled guest cancel their phoner at the last minute? It's not a lot of fun as the pressure rises in the studio. Dave can come to your rescue on a 7/24 basis. Click here to learn more.

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