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Here you will find images of our book covers from our very first edition, which was published in 1992.

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"Along I-75, 19th edition"


  Dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of the
National Park Service.

"Along Florida's Expressways, 4th edition"


  We are so proud that VISIT FLORIDA, the Sunshine State's official tourism authority, has endorsed this book as the one it uses in its Welcome Centers.

  Starting with our first (1992) edition, here are the covers of our books over the years.


The "upside-down" book with two front covers. Our first edition, now worth US$155 on the First Edition collectors market.


We changed the metal spiral binding to plastic.


The last of the "upside-down" books.


Completely redesigned - this book won the prestigious "Excellence in Design" award.


We won Writers Digest "Certificate of Merit" with this one.


Another great year helping our I-75 traveler friends.


The first of the textured cover books.


The year Georgia decided to change all their exit numbers. This book included both old and new numbers on our maps.

9th (2001)

To ensure a major book chain catalogued our book correctly, we had to remove the year from the front cover - this one became known as our "9th" edition.

10th (2002) Edition

The first of our "themed" covers - the 25th anniversary of the completion of I-75.

11th (2003) Edition

Dedicated to the Wright Brothers of Dayton, Ohio.

12th (2004) Edition

Dedicated to the 200th Anniversary of Steam Locomotion.

13th (2005/6) Edition

Dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of the publication of Mrs. Mileva Marity-Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity.

Florida - 1st (2006) Edition

Our First edition of "Along Florida's Expressways. Personally requested by Florida's Governor Bush because so many Floridians used "Along I-75" to evacuate ahead of Hurricane Charley in 2004. Jeb wanted a Florida freeway evacuation guide . . . so we delivered.

14th (2007) Edition

Dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of 400th Anniversary of the founding of Jamestown - the first permanent European settlement in North America. How could a historian ignore such an occasion?

Florida - 2nd (2008) Edition

"Along Florida's Expressways" - completely re-designed to better match the needs of driving tourists. After driving around Florida on a vacation, I didn't like the first edition which was rushed into production to help with hurricane evacuation - so I re-designed it!

15th (2008) Edition

Dedicated to the 2010 Alltech AFE World Equestrian Games, held in Lexington, Kentucky.

3rd (2009) Edition

The 3rd edition of "Along Florida's Expressways" just gets better and better. As the state's population grows, the services available at various exits, expand . . . and so does the book.

16th (2010) Edition

Dedicated to the Centenary of Carl Fisher's first Indianapolis 500-Mile Race.

17th (2012) Edition

Dedicated to the 200th Anniversary of the War of 1812.

18th (2014) Edition

Dedicated to the the very first long distance drive, made by Bertha Benz in 1888.

4th (2015) Edition

New toll routes and toll route charging systems make this an important update.

Travel Information is rather like fresh food
. . . it can get stale rather quickly!!!   

We work very hard to make our travel information as fresh as possible for you.

Here are some interesting facts . . . .    

Our current edition of "Along I-75" (see cover image to the left) has been completely updated ready for snowbirds heading south for the winter. It has a cover featuring spring Red Bud and Dogwood blossoms on the campus of Berea College in Kantucky.

Between this and the previous edition, there has been an incredible 19.7%+ turnover in services (gas, food and lodging) at I-75 exits.

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Here are some thoughts about using an older edition for your I-75 trip . . .

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal (August 25, 1995), many travel books take 12 to 16 months in production before they reach your book store shelf. This means that a book with this year's date on its cover will probably have travel information that is at least two years old! How stale can that information be?
(Hint - always look at the "copyright" date on the title page - this is the book's "real" date; it might be quite different to the "cover" date.)

Using special computer technology, we take about six weeks to update and produce our new edition of Along Interstate-75, every second year. We update it every "even" numbered year ("Along Florida's Expressways is updated every "odd" numbered year). Research is cut-off in August of the update year and the finished book is on the bookstore shelves by October. Now, how fresh can you be?
(Hint - to have a fun and stress free drive to Florida, always make sure you have our latest edition in your car.)

We make thousands of changes to update each edition. In fact, virtually every page in our book requires changing. Whether it's new services or ones that have gone out of business at interstate exits, or new stories, recommendations, Insider Tips and other editorial features. Every updated edition is a brand new book.

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