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The following documents are available for download as Microsoft Word or plain text documents. Please feel free to use or adapt this editorial material for free distribution in your publication or website.

A credit for the books "Along I-75" or "Along Florida's Expressways" would be appreciated. Both titles are available as follows:

  • USA - Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, some AAA Clubs in Mid-Western States and
  • Canada - Indigo, Chapters, Coles and other major bookstores, all Ontario CAA travel offices and online from

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Canadian Chipped Credit Cards acceptable at U.S. Gas Pumps
(Updated, October, 2017 words 331).

New Charges added to Florida Car Rentals
Renting a car in Florida? Watch for new hidden charges (words 547).

More State Toll Routes
Florida's Toll Route System - a changing world
(words max. 1,557; remove detailed toll route list to substantially reduce word count).

Florida's First DDI
Driving the new I-75 and Florida exit interchanges (words 257).

Both diagrams are 300 dpi, greyscale for print repro

   Download SPUI Diagram

    Download DDI Diagram

Sudden traffic stop. Stay alive by slowing interstate traffic (words 347).

Humour: Ten Reasons to drive to Florida, rather than fly (words 215).

Ways to avoid a long-distance driving danger - falling asleep at the wheel (words 231).

Comprehensive article of trip planning and "on-the-road" tips, for those driving the 1,500 kilometres down I-75 to Florida (words 1,480).

Dave's Top Ten on the I-75 drive to Florida (words 638).

How clean are I-75's public rest rooms? This article answers the question and provides a solution for all travellers (words 191).

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We can also provide any page images, charts or diagrams from the book and have a comprehensive stock photo library of I-75 attractions and other images. Please let us know what you need to ensure an interesting article.

"Along I-75" - Book Cover Image (jpeg - 96dpi; RGB)

"Along I-75" - Book Cover Image (jpeg - 300dpi; cmyk)


"Along Florida's Expressways" - Book Cover Image (jpeg - 96dpi; RGB)

"Along Florida's Expressways" - Book Cover Image (jpeg - 300dpi; cmyk)


Dave Hunter author photo (jpeg - 96dpi; RGB)

Dave Hunter author photo (jpeg - 300dpi; cmyk)

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