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Along Interstate-75 - current edition
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What's inside . . .

Along I-75 is a book designed to make your drives to and from Florida as comfortable, controlled, safe and entertaining as possible. Newspaper reviewers have called it the "Consumers Report © of the Interstate" since it contains no advertising or commercial content - just solid "local knowledge" gathered from our network of I-75 corridor friends during 46 years of driving the freeway.

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Along I-75 is really five books in one . . .

As a Planning Guide it provides all the information you need to organize and drive the interstate with confidence. Each of our colored strip-maps is 25 miles, or approximately 30 minutes driving time. If you count the pages and divide by 2, you have the elapsed time for each leg of your journey.

Itís an Exit Services Guide; our maps provide you with all the gas, food, and lodging services along the way-we even show you which side of the road they are on. We also include other facilities such as major stores, grocery shops, pharmacies and vets.

The maps also provide a Driving Guide to the interstate's road lanes and speed limits, allows you to "see" the freeway ahead and determine the best, safest lane to be in at all times. We even tell you when to change lanes in busy city areas along the way. Our police radar location icons are the most accurate you will find for I-75.

It's also a Mile-by-Mile Travelog providing interesting stories and information about the surrounding countryside. Here we entertain you...for there is nothing like entertainment to make time go by much faster on a long journey! These pages also provide Special Reports and Insider Tips (local knowledge) for your interest and to help you save money.

But most important, the book is an I-75 Personal Contact Guide, providing many of the names of the folk you will meet during your trip. When you walk into a welcome center, restaurant or motel we recommend, you already know the name of the person likely to greet you. You will never be without a friend on the road ahead.

Kathy and I have worked very hard to make this the "bible" for the interstate traveler. We give you complete control over your journey to and from Florida's sunshine. Enjoy.


Following is a typical index for the white mile-by-mile travelog pages of Along I-75. Purchaser of the current edition get access to a full updated index as well as information about ongoing changes along the way.

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