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I-75's Secret Song

Did you know there's a secret I-75 song?

Much, much better than that other highway song - "Route 66".

An upbeat and rollickin' Country and Western number, commissioned specially for the I-75 opening ceremonies held at Marietta, Georgia on December 21st, 1977, and recorded in a Nashville, Tennessee studio by professional "talent."

But it has never been released! Only a few copies of the song were "pressed" on 45 rpm records and given to diginitaries who attended the opening ceremony.

But I have a copy.

Sadly we do not know who owns it since all involved with its production have long since disappeared, Further, the recording studio where it was recorded in Nashville, went into bankruptcy many years ago.

Current copyright laws allow me to play a portion of the song without permission. Would you like to hear 45 seconds of the Ballad of I-75? If so, visit my website by clicking on in your internet browser. Here we go . . .

Click here for a sample of the I-75 song

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Ballad of I-75 - Lyrics

1. Iíve traveled north to Macinaw . . . and up to Sault Ste Marie,
    The livinís fine in Canada . . . but thereís places yet to see,
    Just down the road aways . . . thereís a highway so they say,
    that stretches fifteen hundred miles . . . from here to Tampa Bay.

    Iím rolliní along . . . down I-75
    leaviní all my worries far behind,
    from the Great Lakes to the Gulf . . . along I-75
    Ainít got nothiní but blue skies on my mind.

2. Detroit City now thereís a town . . . Iíve heard a lot about,
    they say thereís good times waitiní there . . . so I thought Iíd check it out,
    Where neon signs are flashing . . . new cars move down the line,
    and even when theyíre sittiní still . . . Detroit girls are fine.

3. I stopped a while in Knoxville . . . and joined a bluegrass band,
    I couldnít sing or pick a lick . . . but sure could clap my hand,
    We went to Chattanooga . . . and went our separate ways,
    I was looking for the blue blue skies . . . and they're heading for better days.

4. In Marietta, Georgia . . . I met a Southern belle,
    One single look, thatís all it took . . . I was captured by her spell,
    But her daddy was a Georgia-State-Trooper . . . caught us necking in my Chevrolet,
    And thatís why Iím aírunning . . . down south to Tampa Bay.