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How to buy our books in the USA

Along Interstate-75 - Current edition                                       Along Florida's Expressways - Current edition

"Along Interstate-75" and "Along Florida's Expressways" are completely updated with new features and information every few years and may be purchased from the following U.S. sources:

PS - did you know that when you buy the current edition of either book, you are also given access to our exclusive "update" website where you get changes, corrections and other helpful information which became available after the book was published?

At the Automobile Automobile Association From the AAA - The American Automobile Association (AAA) Travel Centers in Toledo and Findlay, Ohio, sell our books.   Anyone can buy them at these outlets, but AAA members get an excellent membership discount.

If you would like your Club to sell it, ask the Club's merchandise manager to order a small supply from us.   Click here for our contact information.

In bookstores Barnes &: Noble and Book.a.Million - usually have our books in stock, as do many other fine bookstores.

The best way to buy from a bookstore is to phone and provide the book's International Standard Book Number (also known as the "ISBN").   The staff can quickly check their computer and tell you whether a copy is in the store or can be ordered for you.

The ISBN for the current edition of Along I-75 is 978-1-896819-198; for Along Florida's Expressways it is 978-1-896819-082.

Click here for the Barnes & Noble store locator.
Click here for the Books.a.Million store locator.

Buying online Online Bookstores - Our books are available at "online" bookstores.   Click on the following links to go directly to the online service's book page.

While travelling on I-75 At I-75 Exits - You will also find our books available at various I-75 businesses along the way. Each is close to an I-75 exit ramp.

Click here for a list of locations at I-75 exits.