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Along Interstate-75 - current edition
Along Florida's Expressways - current edition

Section 11 - Abbreviations, Resources and the Book Index

Every travel book with our level of detail must have its "housekeeping" section ... and this is ours.

First are several pages with charts of the gas, food and lodging abbreviations used on the 25 mile colored maps.

Next is followed by several pages of useful resources such as reference books, organizations & associations, and other helpful websites. I've also included a bibliography which lists some of the more interesting titles from my personal Florida research library.

This is followed by an extensive index, to help you quickly find the many fascinating places within the State during your travels. And finally, we have the "feedback" section where you get to tell me what you like or dislike . . . and what you would like included in the next edition.     You also have an opportunity to do your own restaurant and lodging reviews while you travel the interstate.
After all, it is your book and I want you to help me write it!

Did you know?
Along Florida's Expressways is particularly useful for those tourists from the UK or Germany who fly to Florida and then rent a car for a driving vacation.