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Along Interstate-75 - current edition
Along Florida's Expressways - current edition

Sections 3 to 8 - Our 25 mile-per-page Driving Maps

Click here to download maps and sample pages from "Along Florida's Expressways."

Each of the major Florida expressway routes - I-4, I-10, I-75, I-95 & the FTP (Florida's Tunrpike) - has its own colored section of 25 mile-per-page strip maps. And for convenience, whenever a route intersects, you will find a page reference to take you to the new route.

These 25 mile maps are so useful for trip planning. Each one takes about half-an-hour to drive so it is very simple to estimate your driving time from start to finish points. The Florida map inside the front cover provides the page number for each of the 25 mile maps, and is another useful planning tool.

In addition, Section 3 (I-4) includes a map of the Tampa Crosstown Expressway (SR618), also known as the Selmon Crosstown.

Section 4 (I-10) includes a map of I-110, The intestate spur which connects I-10 with downtown Pensacola.

Section 7 includes strip maps for:

  • the shorter but very popular I-275 which leaves I-75 above Tampa and runs to St. Petersburg after which it crosses the spectacular Sunshine Skyway Bridge before rejoining I-75 the Manatee River at Bradenton.
  • I-295 which skirts Jacksonville to the east . . . although if bypassing Jacksonville while heading south, we recommend another brand-new expressway route which is shorter and faster.
  • I-595, a useful spur route starting at I-75 in the Miami area and crossing the FTP and I-95, to the Ft. Lauderdale International Airport.

And Section 8 (Florida's Turnpike) includes the Turnpike Extension (also known as the HEFT, or Homestead Extension Florida's Turnpike) to Florida City, where it connects with US1 and the Keys.

Did you know?
Our 25 mile colored maps are so helpful that they have won international awards.
Don't drive around the Sunshine State without them in your car.