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Along Interstate-75 - current edition
Along Florida's Expressways - current edition

Section 2 - Mile-by-Mile Travelog around Florida

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This is one of the book's most popular features - A driving journey along the Interstates and toll routes of the Sunshine State can either be a boring, fast-paced ride between two points, or an interesting adventure . . . a chance to learn more about one of the most fascinating and historically rich areas in North America . . . much of it right alongside the roadside.

This section provides a mile-by-mile roadside travelog for your trip, with words, maps, diagrams and charts.

For instance, did you know that as you drive Florida's expressways you will pass the site of a German spy landing during WWII; drive across the ancient Spanish Mission trail; pass under a bridge with trees and shrubs growing on it - what is it you might ask; pass by wild Cowboy country with a history of bank robberies, gun-fights and lynchings - much wilder than the Wild West; cross the 1542 path of the only army ever to invade America; cross a river which carried pirates and their captives from inland Florida back down to the sea; what a tiny stream called Reedy Creek has to do with Walt Disney World.

Without "Along Florida's Expressways" in your car, you will miss all these interesting points. Among many other interesting Florida sights, you will also miss . . .

  • A fort with a wall cavity where a Spanish prisoner was buried alive
  • a restroom containing one of the few female urinals in the USA
  • a horse retirement farm where the admission is 2 carrots
  • map of the 1920-1930 car-racecourses, on the beaches at Daytona
  • the site of Florida's lost "capital-to-be," now a swamp
  • visiting a teaching zoo which trains staff for other zoos around the world

Did you know?
You will not find this material in regular Florida guide books. "Along Florida's Expressways" is quite unique in its content.