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I-75's Secret Song

Did you know there's a secret I-75 song?

Much, much better than that other ("Route 66") song.

An upbeat and rollickin' Country and Western number, commissioned specially for the I-75 opening ceremonies held at Marietta, Georgia on December 21st, 1977, and recorded in a Nashville, Tennessee studio by professional "talent."

But it has never been released!

Only a few copies of the song were "pressed" on 45 rpm records and given to diginitaries who attended the opening ceremony.

But I have a copy. Sadly the corporation which owns it refuses to release the song in its entirety because of certain copyright issues so it is locked away in a vault outside the USA. But I can play a few selections from my copy. Here we go . . .

Click here read the story about how the song was "discovered."

Click here for a sample of the I-75 song