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SunPass Transponder for Florida's Turnpike and other Florida tollroutes

Florida Visitors, can avoid Florida toll booth delays with a SunPass Mini Sticker. Snowbirds lined up to pay at Florida's many toll road booths have watched enviously as the "locals" zip through the fast SunPass commuter lanes without stopping. That has now changed.

For $4.99, visiting motorists (including Canadians and overseas visitors) can purchase a SunPass Mini sticker transponder which you place on the inside of your windshield. It's available at Visit Florida Welcome Centers located on all interstates entering the State, CVS pharmacies, Publix supermarkets, Navarro, Sedano's and at Florida Turnpike toll plaza gift shops and gas stations.
(Note: cars rented in Florida are normally equipped with a SunPass transponder).

Left: Purchase the SunPass Mini sticker for $4.99, in this convenient package;
Middle: Attach the sticker to the top of your windshield by the rear view mirror;
Right: Register your account; immediately start using the SunPass toll road lanes

Why should you get one, even if you visit Florida for only a few weeks each year?

  • You pay a bit less than those who are in the cash lanes. Typical SunPass toll fee discounts can be in the 10-20% range.

  • Some Florida toll routes (Tampa Crosstown & some toll routes in Miami area) no longer have a "cash" lane. Licence plate camera readers identify non-Sunpass cars and the State bills the car owner via mail. This includes an additional administration fee.

  • SunPass is recognized on all Florida toll routes, whether administered by SunPass, EZPass or local toll or bridge companies.

  • It's easy to install - just follow the instructions and stick it to the inside of your windshield, at the top close to your rearview mirror.
Avoid the extra expense and inconvenience. Get yourslf into the automated toll lanes - it only costs $4.99.

Registering (for first time use) or replenishing the money in your account is easy; you simply phone the 1-888-865-5352 number during business hours and use your Visa or Mastercard to transfer the amount you anticipate you will be using for tolls. For security, you are not required to leave your credit card number on file.

Alternatively, you may register your SunPass online at, and click on the "Activate" tab. Replenishing the money in your account can also be done online. These phone and online services are universal whether you are in the USA or in another country planning a visit to Florida. The online website accepts Canadian credit cards and postal codes.

Good news! The SunPass folk are working on a reciprocity program with other U.S. toll routes such as the New York and New Jersey throughways. Soon, we may be able to use our SunPasses on many other toll routes throughout the USA.

For more information, click on for the Toll Authority's home page.