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Along Interstate-75 - current edition
Along Florida's Expressways - current edition
Do you hate maps?

Many people do. We often see them sitting in their cars at the side of the road with their map turned upside-down and a puzzled look on their faces.

So . . . we have turned our maps upside-down for you, colored them with all sorts of useful information and then ...

Picture of our strip map related to the road ahead
    ... packaged them in a handy 6" x 9" - 25 miles-per-page so they easily fit in your lap while you are riding in your car.

Now you can "drive by the book."       Here's how . . .
"Along Interstate-75" contains two complete sets of 25 miles-per-page colored maps for your journey
  • one set with "South" at the top of the page for Southbound travel . . .
  • the other with "North" at the top of the page for "Northbound" travel.

Simply fold the book flat and place it in your lap.     The map now relates to the details of the road ahead.     You read it from the bottom of the page towards the top.     Everything drawn on the right side of the map appears on the right side of your car ... and vice versa ... it couldn't be simpler.

Click here to download a 100 mile sample of my maps in Kentucky.

Here are just a few of the details you now "see" ahead of you down the road
highway speeds number of traffic lanes where lanes merge construction zones & where they end police speed traps which is the best lane to be in exits hospitals drug stores welcome centers & rest areas with hours of operation & facilities parallel "escape routes" RV campsites "dry" counties I-75 golf courses major landmarks city bypasses rush hour radio traffic information exit gas, food and lodging facilities 24 hour gas motels which accept pets wide access facilities for RVers fast food outlets with childrens' playgrounds golf courses best local restaurants shopping malls, antique & factory outlet malls 24 hour Superstores roadside attractions . . . and much, much more.