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Along Interstate-75 - current edition
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Section 7 - Staying Safe on Interstate-75

Although interstate routes tend to be safer than local roads, they do seem to invite several very specific dangerous situations. In this section, we explain what to watch for and what to do should you become involved in one of these situations.

Car problems such as a flat tire can occur at any time during your drive. In southern states, roofing nails dropped by contractor trucks can often be the source of this problem. Did you know you can get emergencey AAA service even if you're not a member? We show you how.

Section 7 also includes a useful list of police emergency and non-emergency phone numbers, as well as sources for travel - construction and traffic information.

Although not prone to tornados, we have included a special "Tornado Watch" section which includes what to do and how to protect yourself should one be close by. The section also includes individual I-75 state maps showing the county names along the route, and either side so weather watches and warnings are more meaningful. These maps also include the codes you need for a weather warning radio, so you get timely information.

Our 25 mile colored maps are so helpful that they have won international awards.
Don't drive south without them in your car.