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Along Interstate-75 - current edition
Along Florida's Expressways - current edition

Section 5 - Information Please

Section 5 answers many of those questions which occur while you travel:

"Can I make a right turn on a red light in this state?"
"I need the toll free number for my favorite hotel chain"
"What is the local sales tax percentage?"
"Is there a good C&W local radio station in this area?"
"Which I-75 states have the lowest gas tax?"
"Where can I find an RV campground near I-75?"
"Is there a golf course close to this afternoon's stop?"

Specifically, the section contains:

  • Setting up your driving seat for a comfortable drive.
  • The best local guide for motel TV watching - it's on your computer.
  • Important traffic laws for each of the I-75 corridor states.
  • Gas, Sales and Lodging taxes, by I-75 state - to help you save money.
  • New I-75 local Radio Guide.
  • I-75 RV parks & campsites - name & phone number, I-75 exit number, driving directions & distance, # of sites, rates, months of operation.
  • Golf courses - name & type of course, I-75 exit number, address, phone number, driving directions & distance, # of yards, par & fees.

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