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Along Interstate-75 - current edition
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Section 4- Mile-by-Mile on I-75

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This is one of the book's most popular features - A journey along the Interstate can either be a boring, fast-paced ride between two points, or an interesting adventure . . . a chance to learn more about one of the most fascinating and historically rich areas in North America . . . much of it right alongside the roadside. This section provides a mile-by-mile description of your I-75 journey, with words, maps, diagrams and charts.

For instance, did you know that as you drive the freeway you will pass the site of a War of 1812 massacre, drive across two Civil War battlefields, cross a two hundred year old pioneer path and the 1542 path of the only army ever to invade America, traverse an area which not long ago was a swamp infested with rattlesnakes and panthers, and travel across the bed of an ancient tropical sea?

In a more modern vein, you will pass by stealth bombers, moon rocks, a Voice of America transmitter, JFK's Air Force One and a plant building the ductless aircraft engines of the future. You will also pass by the "Kryptonite" room a room so secret that only a few people are authorized to enter and down in Georgia, you will actually drive on one of the runways designated for tactical USAF fighter, during the "Cold War" period.

Sprinkled throughout this section are special "Insider Tips" - that tiny country inn or Italian garden patio that only the locals know - personally recommended restaurants and attractions which have been checked by the author and recommended because they provide better than average service and quality. "Special Reports" provide an in-depth look at special features - rock cuts in Kentucky, Civil War in Georgia, fast growing Kudzu - to make your journey much more interesting. "Savings Tips" help you save your valuable travel dollar as you drive the interstate.

Mile-by-mile, we take you down the I-75 from Detroit to Florida, revealing the secrets, sights and attractions along the way.

It's an entertainment . . . and as you know, when you are being entertained . . . time passes by quickly . . . before you know it the journey will be over and you'll be in Florida.

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