Along Interstate-75 & Along Florida's Expressways driving guides

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"Along Interstate-75" and "Along Florida's Expressways".

Check out what you get for your money. The table of the contents, samples of our famous upside-down driving maps, the fascinating mile-by-mile roadside stories (travelogue pages) and other bits and pieces which make our books informative and so much fun. Oh, and don't forget that our money saving hints and Insider Tips © will probably save you more than you paid for the book!

We also have our FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) section in which we have tried to anticipate some of the questions you may have.

Oh, almost forgot. If you have an old copy of our books and want to know more about it, check our archive area. Did you know that some people have been collecting our books and some have become quite valuable. For instance, our very first book sells for as much as $155, but don't try using it for travel - the information is really stale!

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